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Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Need for Speed Undercover Cheats Code Game PS2Need for Speed Undercover Cheats Code Game PS2

Review / Ulasan Game

Kode Curang Game PS2
Mobil Spesial
Tekan Atas, Bawah, Atas, Bawah, Kiri, Kanan, Kiri, Kanan.

Tips, Trik dan petunjuk
Best Cars For Highway Battles And Driver Jobs
For beginners, the best affordable car good for highway battles is the Porsche Carrera gt. It goes for 150,000. It goes over 210 mph. I don't know the top speed though. The best car for driver jobs (if you are using your car and not 1 they make you drive) is the mitsubishi evolution. It does have a poor top speed of 183 when fully upgraded, but it is pretty quick off the line. And if you have to destroy rival cars and cops, this is a pretty good car to use.

Easy Take Downs
The fastest way to beat any of the take down missions is to go ahead of them. Then turn around and go as fast as you can and when you see them use your speed breaker and hit them head on it takes about half of there health down do this about 2 times and you got them.(Note) Most of the time they just go strait.)

Best Way To Get Rid Of Cops
When runing away form the cops and they set up a block and cops are behind you move to far side of the block and let the cops run into the block.

The Best Car For Useage (when Available)
I recomend the corvette because when fully upgraded it flies. I got it up to 220 and it was still increasing. I haven't reached top speed yet though.

Best Way To Hit A Cop Car
When your in free roam and your battiling the cops and theres a road block ahead go as fast as you can and use all boost to make sure you get alot of speed and just when you get close hit circle to slow down time and turn your car to the back bumper of the cop car and that will make you hit him very good with out having to back up or gettining badly busted.

Spike Strips
The strongest car for a pursuit against the mustang, Lamborghini, and the Porsche 911 gt2 and they lay down spikes choose the ford gt. If you pop all 4 tires it goes over 100 mph.

Highway Battle
The perfect car for highway battles are the Porsche carrera gt, ford gt are the best ones for highway battles.

Pursuit Mustang
Defeat the first crime boss and you will be giving a pursuit Mustang GT. Once unlocked, it can be found in your garage and used for "Chasedown" mode where you can chase speeders and bust them to earn money.

Perfect Launch
Watch your tachometer when at the starting line. Get your needle in the blue right when the race starts to get a perfect launch and gain some time against your opponents.

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